A Pure Whitening Toothpaste That Protects Your Microbiome

Right here’s the deal: I don’t have knock-you-out-of-your-seat shiny whites, however my enamel do garner the occasional praise for his or her shiny hue. I don’t get them professionally whitened, nor have I used at-home brightening remedies in the previous few years. I simply depend on whitening toothpaste, diligent oral hygiene, and life-style selections (learn: restrict my darkish coloured drinks to my morning cup of espresso, the remainder of the day is water). That is all to say: My toothpaste-of-choice does a ton of heavy lifting. 

Wellnesse’s formulation makes use of a mix of hydroxyapatite for oral well being and aloe vera for its brightening skills. (No robust bleaching brokers right here, in case that’s a priority.) The 2 work synergistically collectively to construct up the tooth’s pure enamel—in addition to stop and buff away stains. The hydroxyapatite is a naturally occurring mineral really present in that protecting outer layer, and has the flexibility to strengthen enamel when used topically. Moreover, the aloe vera may have natural brightening abilities because of its skill to take away plaque and scale back tartar formation.

And we all know a shiny smile isn’t solely within the shade—it’s within the general look, together with the gums. When gums look irritated and indignant it impacts the look of the complete mouth. Effectively, each aloe vera, hydroxyapatite (and a inexperienced tea extract that we’ll elaborate on in a second), assist enhance gum well being and scale back indicators of irritation. 

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