Am I Actually Hungry? Bodily Indicators of Starvation to Look For

Can you actually really feel bodily indicators of starvation and know when to eat in response? Surprisingly sufficient, many individuals aren’t they usually’re left asking themselves, “am I actually hungry?”

However don’t fear, in the event you’re a kind of folks — we’ve acquired you coated. 

Navigating bodily indicators of starvation generally is a tough recreation. We’re busy folks with loads happening, usually occasions we don’t really feel as if now we have the time to verify in with starvation or acknowledge what starvation actually appears like. And even generally, we merely don’t know what it appears like! 

We speak about mindfulness and mindful eating loads right here at Vitamin Stripped, and as soon as once more, it’s going to play a job right here as properly. Once we’re not consuming mindfully (and eating mindlessly, if you’ll), it’s fairly troublesome to know whether or not or not starvation is what’s really guiding our meals decisions. 

That will help you with that, we’re going to show you how one can be extra conscious and acknowledge the bodily indicators of starvation. 

However earlier than we get there, let’s begin by diving into why it’s so essential that you just eat in alignment along with your starvation.   

Why is it Essential to Acknowledge Bodily Indicators of Starvation?

All day lengthy our our bodies are always speaking with us to tell us once we’re in want of vitality, and once we’re not in want of vitality. Our hunger and satiety cues are chargeable for this! 

The hormones which might be chargeable for instigating these starvation and satiety cues are ghrelin (starvation hormone) and leptin (satiety/fullness hormone). 

Once we really feel bodily indicators of starvation, the physique is telling us it’s in want of vitality. However what sadly occurs to many individuals over time, is that they begin to ignore these bodily indicators or neglect what they really feel like. Schedules, lack of time, stress, and diets are only a few of the various life-style components that may trigger this. 

Once we ignore or don’t discover bodily indicators of starvation, a sequence of occasions begins to occur. 

We will attain factors of maximum starvation and lose control around food, really feel torpid, bloated, and overly full once we do eat, perpetually eat an excessive amount of or not sufficient, the checklist goes on and on. 

To stop this from taking place, we need to get actually aware of the bodily indicators of starvation. 

Widespread Bodily Indicators of Starvation 

While you’re checking in along with your starvation and satiety cues, you’re capable of acknowledge while you’re actually hungry and in want of vitality.

Under are a number of the commonest bodily indicators of starvation. 

Fatigue and Lack of Vitality

Ever really feel such as you’re simply out of it? Drained regardless of having gotten evening of sleep? Torpid regardless that you haven’t carried out something notably strenuous? 

This is likely one of the indicators of bodily starvation. 

We preserve referring to the physique being in want of vitality. Properly, consider vitality = meals. Once we don’t get sufficient meals (and subsequently vitality), the physique can begin to really feel fairly crummy. 

On a regular basis duties are a bit more durable, and we simply can’t appear to snap out of it. The one approach to snap out of it’s to eat a nourishing meal!

The subsequent time you’re feeling fatigued and missing vitality, remember to verify in to see if it’s a bodily signal of starvation.  

Abdomen Growling

This one’s straightforward, proper? 

In case your abdomen is growling or gurgling, and you are feeling that sharp ache, your physique is attempting to let you know that it’s in want of meals. 

I promise you, regardless of what number of diets, detoxes or cleanses on the market let you know to disregard these cues for x quantity of hours, it’s merely not helpful and never true.

Once we really feel that ache, what’s taking place, is the abdomen muscle is contracting when it’s empty. The subsequent time your abdomen is growling, take heed to it and reply with a nourishing Foundational Five meal! 

Headache & Shaky Arms 

Once we’re hungry, and we’ve gone fairly a while with out consuming, the physique’s blood sugar ranges can drop. Now when blood sugar is low, your physique alerts your mind to let it know that you just’re in want of extra vitality, or meals. 

When this occurs, it’s doable for the tightening of blood vessels and elevated blood strain to happen. The tip outcome? A headache. 

As well as, when blood sugar is low, it’s quite common for us to really feel shaky and on-edge. 

For those who continuously end up with complications paired with shaky fingers, your physique could also be attempting to let you know that it’s in want of meals. This can be one among your bodily indicators of starvation.

Mind Fog and Incapacity to Focus

These two are additionally associated to low blood sugar. When the physique isn’t receiving the vitality it wants from meals, the mind additionally isn’t receiving the vitality it must operate correctly. 

This may make issues, properly, foggy! You could really feel like your ideas course of a bit slower than standard, otherwise you simply can’t concentrate on standard duties in addition to you usually can. 

By performing at a sub-par stage, your physique is attempting to let you know that it wants extra vitamins so as to elevate blood sugar again up. 


Everybody has skilled “hanger” earlier than. While you’re snippy, irritable, annoyed, and generally downright troublesome for no obvious purpose. Is there something really bothering you? Is one thing incorrect? Nope, it’s simply starvation. 

Your physique is low on vitality and diet, so as soon as once more, your blood sugar is low. When blood sugar is low, it’s a lot simpler for us to be emotionally reactive with out due trigger. 

For those who discover this occurs usually while you’ve gone an prolonged period of time with out meals, one among your physique’s bodily indicators of starvation could also be “hanger” or irritability. 

Indicators That Can Be Mistaken for Starvation however are “Head Starvation”

However what occurs if we expect we’re experiencing a bodily signal of starvation when in actuality, it’s one thing else? We name this “head starvation”.

Head starvation is when a sure state of affairs, emotion, or feeling ends in the response of reaching for meals. 

Under are a number of the commonest indicators of what we name, head starvation

Sudden Cravings

Ever randomly suppose to your self, “Oh my gosh, I’d kill for [insert craved food item here]”, fully out of the blue? 

This can be a craving! Now earlier than we dive into this one, there are particular anatomical eventualities that will trigger cravings, and these certainly could should do with bodily starvation. So in the event you’re curious to be taught extra and haven’t already, head here to be taught extra about what your cravings could also be attempting to let you know. 

However as a rule, it’s the style and the meals expertise we’re craving for, not bodily nourishment by means of meals. Once we merely need to eat to eat, if you’ll, it is a signal of head starvation

Bodily or Psychological Exhaustion 

Ever been so bodily or mentally exhausted that every one you wished to do was eat one thing to really feel higher? Yup, head starvation

Now I’ll say, this one is a little bit tough. It’s completely doable to bodily be hungry because of exhaustion. However oftentimes, once we’re mentally or bodily exhausted, and never displaying bodily indicators of starvation, meals should still sound good. 

Once we attain for meals mindlessly because of an emotion or feeling, we’re not actually listening to the physique’s starvation cues. 

Unaddressed Stress 

That is similar to our earlier instance! We will do the identical factor once we’re confused as once we’re feeling exhausted. 

Stress is uncomfortable and never satisfying. Consuming scrumptious meals then again is comfy and really satisfying. It may be very straightforward to develop a behavior of reaching for meals in worrying conditions.

We name this stress consuming!

When stress goes unaddressed, it festers and we glance to fast, straightforward means to alleviate it. Meals is a kind of means. Starvation because of stress is a way of head starvation quite than bodily starvation. 

Heightened Feelings

Lastly, now we have feelings. Have you ever ever felt so unhappy, indignant, depressed, or annoyed that you just simply wanted to seize a cookie? 

After the previous two examples, I believe it’s straightforward to see how that is an instance of head starvation. Identical to with stress, when feelings go unaddressed, we are able to search reduction from them by means of meals. 

Study to Tune in to Bodily Indicators of Starvation 

The objective right here is to begin to actually turn out to be in-tune along with your particular person starvation, and even satiety cues. To familiarize your self with the bodily indicators of starvation you expertise usually. When you try this, you’ll be capable of eat mindfully with ease. 

Within the Mindful Nutrition Method™, our members are giving instruments and assets to develop this talent of tuning into their physique’s starvation cues to allow them to construct confidence in figuring out when to eat, what to eat, and the way a lot to eat primarily based on their distinctive wants at that second.

It’s such an empowering talent to have! 

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